AC Chemo Friendly Foods

In reality, I can eat pretty much anything I want. I need to be taking in at least 2000 calories a day to keep up with all the work chemo is doing in my body. However, it is recommended that I eat a diet higher in proteins and lower in carbs in sugars to help kill the cancer cells. Fortunately, I’m craving a lot of protein and not so many carbs. It would probably be easier to list the things that I can’t eat because they don’t taste good. LOL

I don’t know how I’d be faring with this treatment as a vegan. I need more protein than quinoa and beans can give me. It’s a time I’m thankful to be an omnivore.

Meat. Meat is good. Wait, let me qualify that. Well cooked meat is good. So no steaks done rare. No coldcuts. But… it turns out I’m good with this. I’m eating a lot more chicken and pork. I keep craving fried chicken, BBQ ribs and pork chops.

Meat with good flavor seems the order of the day. I can manage a little spicy, but it’s the flavor that’s carrying it more for me now. Pork carnitas, beef pot roast, chili, chicken or just about any kind. Meat takes garlic and onion well, which I think is a big part of it.

I have always loved Asian food. Luckily, it still loves me on chemo. The only thing I wouldn’t do again is eat Mongolian Beef right after chemo. The reason? It’s a bit hot and if the nausea caught up with me, it would be brutal. I feel good enough about a week later, so the hot stuff can wait. Quinoa Fried Rice is the bomb.

Salad. Chopped salads, in particular, are working well. It’s not that regular salad doesn’t. My palate is liking the variety of flavors more than regular lettuce salads. Not only do they help with digestion and constipation, and they are tasting good enough that I’ve been known to eat a whole bowl in one sitting and call it lunch.

Cheese. I’ve always liked cheese, but not enough to be from Wisconsin. Funny how now cheese sticks are now my go-to afternoon snack. I’m adding cheese to a lot of other things, too – potatoes, certain soups, eggs, etc.

Mushrooms are adding a lot of flavor to different dishes. We have a wild rice recipe we usually make for the holidays that I’ve made in a few different variations and am liking it almost as much as Quinoa Fried Rice.

Eggs. Hard boiled, soft boiled, scrambled, over easy. Fritattas, omelettes, egg bakes. All good. Eggs get a little boring for breakfast every day, but they deliver the protein very neatly.

Protein and cereal bars are okay. But just okay. They’re another one of those sweet things that is hit or miss, and mostly miss.

Ice cream. It depends again on what kind. Tillamook had a nice lemon poppyseed that tasted really nice. Sorbets are great. Mint is one of my favorite flavors and it’s working well, too. Thank goodness for peppermint ice cream this time of year!!

Snacks. I’m eating some crackers as long as they’re low salt. Popcorn is okay. Nuts are awesome. I like Planters low sodium/salt mixed nuts. The occasional protein/cereal bar, but they tend to be more sweet.  Again, I am snacking on cheese sticks a lot.

I’ll link to some recipes on another post.

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2 Responses to AC Chemo Friendly Foods

  1. Donna Rone says:

    Fried chicken, BBQ ribs and pork chops sound likes an awesome diet to me. If you were here, we’d go to Red River BBQ for all-you-can-eat ribs on Tues and/or Sat night. Lol


  2. Renee Gjerde says:

    I like raw nuts these days. It seems like there is too much salt on most nuts that I get at the grocery store. I buy mine at a nut store. I cut them up and eat them in my salads for extra protein and crunch. Try raw spinich mixed with romaine and arugula. Add sliced cucumbers and red peppers, red onions, grated carrots, and yellow bell peppers. Then you have all the colors of the rainbow. You can add a bit of corn for carbs or hard-boiled eggs, or boiled chicken pieces for extra protein. I discovered that fresh squeezed lime juice with olive oil makes an excellent and refreshing dressing if you can handle the citrus taste. I love salads and when I am trying to lose weight, that is what I eat for lunch. Lots of fiber and filling, but not so many calories. Good luck with your diet. I think you are doing great finding the things that work for you. Mary


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