Got Me a Case of Cabin Fever

Now that I’m finally feeling better after being sick since October with some sort of upper respiratory infection or another, I realized that I have the dreaded winter malady, cabin fever. My friends from the Upper Midwest know this condition well.

Cabin fever is what you get in Minnesota in January. The holidays are over, there aren’t really any holidays to look forward to until spring – unless you work for a bank or the government, anyway, and it’s bitterly cold, dark, grey and gloomy pretty much the whole month. While Minnesotans are hearty and can handle temps below zero with blowing snow, when it’s dark and dreary, no one wants to do much of anything so they stay inside and stare at each other. After a while, the same people and 4 walls start to get to you and all you want is to get out. And that is how the Winter Carnival was born. Well, sorta.

Here in Seattle, the temperatures have been pretty balmy for January. It’s been mostly in the upper 40s to the mid-50s. Back in Minnesota that would be reason for celebration. However, it’s Seattle, and for 3 weeks of the 4 in January, it’s rained. February wasn’t much better. That means it’s was dark, dreary, wet and gloomy for the 25 days in a row. Coming into March has been a little better, but still really wet.

For the past 3 months, I’ve not left the house other than to go to chemo, the dentist, and the grocery store. This is mostly self-imposed. Chemo kills the immune system, and if I get sick, it’s worse because I can’t fight it on my own. I’m so tired of being cooped up even if it is mostly self-imposed.. It’s pretty limiting.

Spring is right around the corner. While I have more energy on Taxol, I don’t have enough to go too far from home, so road trips are pretty much out for a while. Damned cancer.

About Pink Ribbon Road

This blog is about receiving and living with a breast cancer diagnosis.
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