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New Scans – Episode 2

I met with the surgeon to discuss the options for my surgery. Since last fall, I’d agreed with her determination that a partial mastectomy would be the right choice. Continue reading

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Kindle Thoughts – Part 1

The Kindle is a great invention. I love my Paperwhite. Unfortunately, there is sometimes as much not to love about having 1,100 books at your fingertips as there is *to* love, and very little of it has to do with the device itself. Most of it has to do with just how little effort Amazon has put into anything to do with their own apps and devices.  Continue reading

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Dear Every Cancer Patient…

There is an arrogance that comes with being the one who went to understand how to treat disease, particularly cancer. Or there’s the failure of fallibility that comes with going to school for 12+ years to be a doctor.  I see this arrogance in some of my own healthcare professionals. I think I notice it more in oncology than I did with my orthopedic surgeons or my internists. Not that they were without their moments. Continue reading

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Cancer’s Made Me A Little Lazy

His gripe is that some people are too lazy to get out and find their own spots and shoot their own images. I get where he’s coming from. Someone will post a nice image of the Seattle skyline, for example, and next thing you know, everybody and their brother is posting very similar shots from that same park. It gets old. Continue reading

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Big Milestone!! Chemo is Done!

It’s been a long 5 months. The first two were the hardest. The AC chemo was harder to tolerate. It left me completely zapped more often than not. Taxol was promised to be much better. It turned out to be just different.  Continue reading

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How’s That Chemo Brain Workin’ For Ya?

The doctors will say to try doing puzzles. I started doing crosswords while I was still on AC chemo. I finished the puzzle the same as if I didn’t have chemo brain. I sometimes do the New York Times crossword (print edition, not online), but mostly I do the one in The Globe. Yes, the tabloid Globe you find at the grocery store. No, I don’t read the other gossip. I go directly to the puzzle and work through it. Like I said, though, this didn’t seem to be any more of a challenge than it was before I started chemo and started noticing chemo brain. Continue reading

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New Scans – Episode 1

This morning, I had a new mammogram, ultrasound and MRI. I was hoping this was going to be easy. Of course it couldn’t be. Continue reading

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Wearing My Heart on My Sleeve

I have been having a hard time catching my tone before it escapes my mouth. Or my email. Or… okay, Twitter.  Continue reading

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11 Down, 1 To Go

After today, I have one chemo treatment with Taxol left. One. I am so ready to be done with chemo. So ready. The birds woke me up about 5 am and I was at the hospital by 7:30 am. I … Continue reading

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Seymour Butts

Okay… I said I wasn’t going to post anything immodest or any truly disgusting descriptions. This post sticks to that, but it talks about something kinda gross, so if you go forward, be WARNED. 

Something gross this way comes!  Continue reading

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