Seymour Butts

Okay… I said I wasn’t going to post anything immodest or any truly disgusting descriptions. This post sticks to that, but it talks about something kinda gross, so if you go forward, be WARNED.

Something gross this way comes!

Y’all know what butt cheese is, right? I hope? If you don’t, Google it and save me the embarrassment of explaining it to you.

Maybe I should have started with y’know that smell when somebody says something smells like ass?  Hmm. Yeah, probably shoulda started there.

Anyway… now that you’ve imagined all these things I didn’t really want to describe in detail. 😀

For the record, it’s not your butt that makes your butt smell, well… like a butt. Chemo taught me this. Truly. I have places on my body where my skin touches other skin all day. Sorta like armpits. Okay, not armpits. Try again. Same vicinity of my body.

Maybe this’ll help.

So when the oils and bacteria are all out of balance and your skin sweats and it’s touching other skin, it reacts. What you get is a red, irritated, chafed area that as I discovered… smells a lot like a butt.

Why? Well, I’ll tell ya. Taxol has gifted me with a whole new knowledge about my skin. From the breakouts to the rashes to the peeling to all the other things that happen when your skin’s no longer “healthy.”  One of those things has to do with the amount of oil on the skin and the bacteria that live there. For what it’s worth, there are always bacteria on your skin. Good bacteria and not so good. This not so good bacteria is part of what causes you to have acne breakouts, so it’s not like some really evil thing that has to be abolished completely. It’s the balance of those things that makes our skin healthy. Because chemotherapy disrupts skin and hair growth, the amount of good bacteria hanging around goes down and then there’s an imbalance, and that’s what usually causes issues.

So my red, burning, smelly skin is caused by not having enough “good” bacteria on my skin because chemo’s eaten all the oil that they need to thrive. So now you know why your butt doesn’t really smell like butt, but it’s what we imagined butt would smell like.

Cool, huh? No, not so much?

Sorry to disappoint.

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