Good Luck To You!

There’s nothing quite like hearing “screw you” from your dental insurance provider when it comes to additional needed procedures due to your cancer.

I’ve so far been *really* lucky with my health insurance. Most everything’s been covered, and for those things that aren’t, I’ve also been lucky that there is a reasonable payment plan available through the hospital.

My dental insurance, however… there’s no consideration for humanity. Even though I am getting additional fluoride treatments to help preserve my teeth and prevent additional problems stemming from chemotherapy, there is absolutely no wiggle room from them whatsoever in coverage. They blame the company I work for. No seriously, they do.

If I really couldn’t handle one of the drugs I was being prescribed by the oncologists, there are petitions that can be filed most health insurance plans that would allow me to switch to a different drug and have it be covered. Not so with the dental insurer!

The cost of the additional fluoride treatments isn’t prohibitive, but jeez. It’s fricking cancer. It’s not like cancer and chemo don’t cause enough problems, and it’s more than expensive enough as it is. Why the hell do they have to add to it?

A process should exist that allows for coverage for procedures needed between your health and dental insurance, and it doesn’t. According to my dental insurance provider, my company bought a plan, and there is no deviation from that plan. Even when I told the agent that I have cancer and need these additional treatments to save my teeth and prevent expensive procedures later, his answer was “too bad.”. I guess prevention really isn’t worth a pound of cure when it comes to your teeth.



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