When Doves Fly

Cloud Shaped Like a Dove - All rights reserved (c) Lori Hanley Focus and Clairty Images

A year ago today, I saw this dove-shaped cloud on my last night of a work trip in Michigan. It gave me great joy to see it and watch it move across the sky as the sun was going down.

I feel so much like my wings were clipped since getting my diagnosis. It’s such a great metaphor for where I’ve been living for┬áthe past 6 months. I was plucked from the sky, captured and stuck in a coop. Every time I tried to spread my wings to get out, I wasn’t able to get off the ground, and it was exhausting to try. There isn’t much peace or joy to find in any of that.

“Birds in dreams symbolize goals, aspirations and hopes. To dream of chirping and/or flying birds represent joy, harmony, ecstasy, balance, and love.”

Surgery is my next big milestone, and today is surgery day. I can now finally begin to dream of being able to spread my wings and fly again.

Peace, friends!


*The meaning of birds in dreams

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