1 Week Post-Op

May 18, 2018

I had surgery a week ago today. My friend went back home 2 days ago. I was sad and nervous when she left. Luckily, I have some great church friends from Houston that stopped by to visit yesterday. I had some help with a couple of chores, and then I introduced them to Boehm’s Chocolates. Boehm’s has a chocolate cherry candy called The Rainier. They’re really, really delicious!! We went to the store in Issaquah and picked some up for Father’s Day. For dinner, we had pulled pork sandwiches from and Stan’s BBQ. Stan’s reminded me a lot of the BBQ we had back in Houston. I’ve missed that along with decent Tex-Mex. They were kind enough to stop at the grocery store with me, and I’m so glad they came up from their trip to Portland! I really enjoyed spending time with them!

The left is better than the right, but it’s still uncomfortable to reach on either side. I’m still only able to sleep on my back. I don’t have great range of motion on either arm right now.

I have yellow bruising starting, which is a good sign. It means healing has started and things are working like they’re supposed to. I’m still really swollen on both sides. The drain is still putting out a little over 30 cc of fluid. Getting it out will have to wait until Monday. I’m still wearing the surgical bra and still lining the inside of it with non-stick gauze where it covers the incisions.

How do I feel today? About the same as Wednesday, really. The drain is bugging me a little. I am afraid of accidentally pulling it out while I’m stripping the tubing, which I have to do at least twice a day. I have a log that I have to fill out to show how much fluid is still draining, and when it’s under 30 cc, I can have the drain out. It’s close, but not under 30 cc, so it will have to wait til Monday. Honestly, after the experience I had with the drain in my knee in 1992, I’m good with it being in longer.  I’m putting ice on my chest when I feel like it’s getting too warm and I’m swelling more.

I’m looking forward to Monday when the drain will come out. I have questions for the surgeon. I have feeling back in some parts of my right breast but not my right. I called the nurse today to ask when I should be worried that it’s not coming back. I know that I’m still swollen and it doesn’t seem worth it to go buy new bras yet, so I’m trying to figure out what to wear in between, and what I will be able to wear for radiation. Overall, both sides look really good. They don’t look like mine, but I knew they’d be different, and I’m still getting used to that.

Next up is trying to find more support bras because two won’t be enough to get through the next couple of months while I’m still healing and the swelling is going down.


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