2 Weeks Post-Op

May 25, 2018

I had surgery 2 weeks ago. I had my 10 day post-surgery follow up on Monday, which went well.

Today, I had my first appointment with a speech therapist to do some assessment and treatment planning for my chemo brain. It was a 2 hour appointment, and was really interesting and informative.

Chemo brain is seen by the people who actually study it as a brain injury. One of the main aspects of this injury is brain fatigue. This is one of the things that sets my memory issues apart from those that are happening because I’m “getting to that age.” When it’s chemo brain, my brain literally hurts and gets tired. Sometimes to the point of complete mental exhaustion, so when she mentioned “brain injury,” a light went on.

I have a friend from high school/college who’s been down this path and then some. He suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident many years ago. He now writes about his experiences. I have a whole new respect for what he’s had to overcome and the amount of patience it’s taken for him to get where he is today.  I also have a better understanding when he writes about feeling brain-injured. Sometimes I feel that way, too. He was kind enough to let me link to an article he wrote for Brainline on what it feels like to be brain injured.

Back to my appointment… after going through all the testing and exercises, she’s decided to get me set up on an app called Constant Therapy. This app, which is kind of like a series of Facebook quizzes, was designed by people who understand brain injuries so it actually measures things pertinent to the damage the chemo’s done to my brain. Some of the exercises are like Facebook quizzes. The difference is that these are set up to help rewire those parts of my brain that are injured and not just test nonsense.

My niece turns 18 tomorrow and graduates next week. I’m so proud of her! Today starts Memorial Day weekend. Normally, I’d be going away somewhere to relax because I have an extra day off. This year, my relaxing will be done at home. I’ve got flowers to plant and little jobs at home to do. It is enough.

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