Kadcyla Side Effects

This is going to be more or less a list of the things I noted about a month into taking Kadcyla, which I started about September of 2018, if I remember correctly. There’s a lot of not being able to remember going on again.

Neuropathy – still a lot of tingly in my feet and fingers.

Taste – went from metallic to soapy. Chips are more tolerable but still not good.

McDonald’s still sucks, but that’s okay. I don’t need McNuggets anyway.

I kind of got peanut butter back but lost most cheese. Not sure why.

Dry mouth

Low potassium – so I crave some salty things and it makes most of them taste gross. This is almost ironic.

My teeth are super-sensitive. I think this is an extension of neuropathy than a specific side effect of Kadcyla.





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