Thousands and thousands of men and women have gone before me on this journey of fighting and beating cancer. Where possible, I will happily share their stories as well.

This is an opportunity for me to chronicle decisions and treatment results, and hopefully do it with some grace, gratitude, optimism and levity.   There is already a Chicken Soup for the Soul for about any struggle out there, so this won’t be one of those. Besides, I’ve already heard that chicken soup tastes like crap while you’re on chemo, so I might share some great recipes for foods that don’t, other tips and tricks that have been passed on to me, and I will certainly share some prayers and pretty pictures here and there.

Aside from language that those who know me already know I use, this will be safe for work and significant others – meaning that I won’t be posting any really disgusting descriptions of procedures or pictures of surgery scars. Cancer strips away enough modesty as it is, so I’ll do my best to maintain it here.

If I intend to mention specific people outside of those on my care team (who already have their names and photos in lights) I’ll ask you if I can use your name or if you’d prefer to be anonymous.

To contact me, please send email to: pinkribbonroad at gmail.com.